Basic Skills for Youth and Young Players

Little Kid with BasketballWhat are coaches looking for in young basketball players? What skills do these young players hope to improve during a season? Can youngsters start fresh and learn to be good basketball players without stunning natural ability? The following are just some of the most important youth skills coaches are teaching players. It is better to learn how to do things right and be a little weak at the start than to be strong but run out of steam because form is poor. Players will suffer less injury and experience marked gradual improvement.

Shooting Stars on the Court

Shooting drills are often the first part of a training session both at the start of a season and the beginning of every practice. Not only is a player’s form essential to scoring but also to passing. Coaches try their players at different distances from the net and get them to repeat the same moves while also developing strength. They might have to spend some time undoing damage caused by developing poor technique.

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Fast Reflexes
With players on the offense pushing for the basket or as a player with the ball fending off defenders, you must be fast on your feet and think quickly as well. Coaches have players practice changing position suddenly whether jumping from a squat or pivoting from one side to the other instantly. They do this with and without the ball during exercises and practice games.

Hand-Eye Coordination

There are no two ways about it: if you can’t catch a ball, basketball is not the sport for you. Then again, if you possess speed, can dribble neatly, are great at shooting, and are passionate about the sport, there are training moves to help you develop coordination. Players simply pass the ball back and forth or shoot against a wall and catch the rebound. This is tedious and tiring work but an essential routine which will eventually develop into solid ability so you will make the team.

Fancy Footworkvert-shock-buy

Being able to move with speed and agility is also critical to your performance. While a quick player who can elude efforts of the opposing team to get the ball from him is exciting to watch, teachers want him to be safe. He will learn how to move without sustaining jarring injuries, twists, and sprains. His actions have to be legal too: anything outside the rules could cost him and his teammates a penalty and possibly the game.


At the youngest level, a good coach is trying to instill this quality into his players. They must show it on the court by playing considerately (without pushing other players), respecting the referee, and handling defeat. Good sportsmanship is a quality players can take outside the basketball court; one which improves morale among players and stops them from time-wasting during a game.