Introducing the Folker Systems Vert Shock

Vert Shock

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So, what the heck IS Vert Shock by Adam Folker? For those outside of or unfamiliar with basketball, you might not ever have heard of this.

But now that I’ve given you the first clue that this is about basketball, you might now catch the meaning of the name of the product, “Vert Shock,” in that it’s talking about improving your jumps. Of course, because you’re here on this page, you already figured that out!

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But, let’s talk about the importance of the vertical jump. Now, considering the height of the average basketball player (around 6’7” or thereabouts for NBA players, according to Wikipedia*), you might wonder why they need help with jumps to begin with (considering that the hoop is 10 feet high – so not a whole lot higher than the players themselves when you get right down to it).

But, if you watch a game, you’ll soon notice that these elite players are jumping very high, and then dunking that ball – slam! No miss! It’s in that vertical jump, and it is absolutely critical that a player perfect that jump.

It’s perfectly fine to have a great 3-point shot, but you really can’t just play the game and hope that somehow you’ll ONLY need to count on that…no, no! Anyone who plays basketball – whether on a recreational league, high school or college team knows that you really need to be able to get right up there and dunk that ball when it’s your turn to score (or not!).

What Folker’s system with Vert Shock is aiming to do is increase your vertical jump by 9” – 15” within about 8 weeks.

Now that you hear that, it’s got your attention, doesn’t it?

Vert Shock is a 3-part system consisting of plyometric training – with the warm-up or “Pre-Shock” phase getting your body ready to do some pretty hard work – I mean, think about the types of height increase we’re talking about. This is not a walk in the park. Part 2 is the “Shock” phase where you’re gonna kick butt and likely see a lot of gain. Part 3 is “Post-Shock,” where you’re gonna drill this down deep into your core and whenyou go to dunk, you won’t think twice. At least that’s the plan! You can certainly continue on past the 8 weeks – it’s not easy, and you are going to work. But, that’s what you want if you’re serious about improving your vertical, and therefore, your game.

And it’s cool for kids to use too. Or should I say it’s safe!

And the website actually has a special place for parents to visit to help you see how valuable this program can be for your children as well. In fact, if you are a parent, and your child drew your attention to this post, I definitely recommend that you have a closer look.

See the Vert Shock Program for Yourself! Click –>

It’s internet based training – so you do need to have a way to follow along with your laptop or tablet or other handheld device. Also note that there is a 60 day satisfaction guarantee as well – so do you think Adam Folker and Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington feel confident about what you can achieve with Vert Shock?

Yeah, that’s my thought too!

Okay – now other than the fact that it’s a very systematized approach that you will be able to follow, the other thing that I’m impressed with is that they’re adamant about keeping you injury-free. The idea of tearing ligaments and hamstrings makes my skin crawl – yours too, probably if you’ve ever had sports injuries.

If there is one thing that I would say is in the “negative” or “con” column if you were weighing pros and cons is that if you’re not really serious about improving your vertical jump, or are honestly not that into playing other than recreationally once in a while, then why bother? Because the guys are really asking you to give that 8-week commitment, and I’m saying it should be a MINIMUM of 8 weeks.

But if you’re down with that, well… let’s do this thing!